GDFL Division Championship:

OKC Bounty Hunters vs. Oklahoma Thunder

Post Season Division Championship – Teams face off at Putnam City Stadium in OKC

By: Michael Stewart, Public Information Director, Oklahoma City Bounty Hunters and Kevin Duane

Saturday Night at 7:00 p.m. at Putnam City Stadium, the Oklahoma City Bounty Hunters Pro Football Team will face their biggest test of the 2015 Summer Season. The Oklahoma Thunder travels to Oklahoma City for the Division Championship Grudge Match against our OKC Bounty Hunters.

The Bounty Hunters faced the Oklahoma Thunder in Bixby in early June after having their first two home games postponed due to May’s lightning and heavy rain. Nevertheless, Oklahoma City only lost their first meeting with the Thunder in over two years by a two-score deficit. The Bounty Hunters played tough defense holding Tulsa accountable as the OKC offense struggled. Nevertheless, the offense put together two very tough 80 yard drives for a pair of touchdowns.

Then, in mid-July, the Oklahoma Thunder came to Oklahoma City to face the Bounty Hunters in the regular season rematch of these two GDFL powerhouses. What a game! The largest-crowd-ever watched the Bounty Hunters match every Thunder score in the first half. But, when halftime ended, a reinvigorated Bounty Hunter team took the field. Led by Quarterback Chris Ware, the Bounty Hunters outscored the Thunder by one point more than Tulsa scored against them in June. The win secured post-season home field advantage for the Bounty Hunters and set-up this “Third Game” Grudge Match this Saturday Night at 7:00 p.m. at Putnam City Stadium.

Expectations loom high for the Bounty Hunters! Since that loss in Bixby, the Bounty Hunters have gone undefeated including tipping the century mark against the newest GDFL team, The Lawton Hellcats, in June. The Bounty hunters are looking for the Division Championship this Saturday!

The Bounty Hunters have stacked up a formidable offense led by Offensive Coach, Kevin Cox. Cox’s offense is headed by Quarterback, Chris Ware. With the strength of his arm and the accuracy of his reads, Bounty Hunter receivers like former Philadelphia Eagle, Gerald Jones, Midwest City Bomber, Vincent Pinniy, SE-OSU standout, Zach Frederick, East Central’s Cleotha Ewins and Oklahoma State’s Daytawion (Day-twon) Lowe have racked up the yards and plenty of touchdowns. Expect the Bounty Hunters to air it out early and often to get their running game going on the ground.

Deserving special mention, Vincent Pinniy, easily the fastest player on Bounty Hunters team, can break the game open with a special teams kickoff return or in one-on-one coverage against a capable defender. Expect Pinniy to step up big against Tulsa.

Countering Tulsa’s offensive attack will be the lethal defense of the Bounty Hunters. Led by Head Coach and Team Co-owner, Brian Kelly, the Bounty Hunter Defense is to-be-reckoned-with!

GDFL All-Star and Langston University defensive standout, Lionel Bibbins has been known to play both linebacker and the D-line. He also has ability on offense to score as a tight end. So, don’t rule out the possibility of Bibbins playing all three phases of the game (special teams included).  Other defensive standouts include Lamont McDonald, who has the ability to work past double teams to put pressure on the quarterback, and Myshun “Sonny” Bowie.  The Bounty Hunter defense also includes a capable one-two punch between Reggie “The Monster” Arnold and Justin Johnson. The contest may boil down to who makes the bigger defensive plays.

To be sure, Tulsa will bring all it guns and hundreds of fans, but OKC is ready and plans to give fans a fun and exciting Saturday evening of smash mouth football action. The winner of this contest moves on to the Gridiron Developmental Football League’s (GDFL) Semi-final. If the OKC Bounty Hunter’s win, they would have Semi-final home field advantage. The Championship game will be played in New Orleans September 5th.

Join us for our weekly coach’s show at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning in OKC on KEBC 1560 AM. Bounty Hunter play by play caller, Colby Powell, will join Bounty Hunter coaches Brian Kelly and Kevin Cox to preview the contest. Then join the OKC Bounty Hunters at Putnam City Stadium, 5300 NW 50th Street, in OKC this Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. for the game. Tickets are just $10.00 and children 12 and under are free. As our commercial spokesperson, Ben Buckland, says, “It’s Bounty Hunter Football”.